Our 2018 Theme: Rejoice in the lord always

BCOC Elders layout their plans for the Church in 2018

A Home for Sinners, Saints, and Seekers


SINNERS -- Because we all fall short of what God wants for us (Romans 3:23). We are not perfect and we all have struggles. We realize that only by God's grace and not by our own efforts can we be made whole again and have our sins taken away.

SAINTS -- Because we're "sanctified" and made whole by Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, which takes away our sins and reconciles us to God (Romans 3: 24-26). Those that accept God's offer of life through Jesus Christ can live in close relationship with each other and most importantly with God. 

SEEKERS -- Because we're all striving to be more like Jesus and follow His example - growing spiritually everyday, and encouraging and helping each other along the way. We do this through worship, service, and fellowship.


Worship Service Schedule


Sunday Morning: Classes 9:30 a.m. Worship Service 10:30

Sunday Evening: Community groups meet in various member's homes and 1 group always meets at the building at 6 PM. Please consult our bulletin for additional details.

Wednesday Evening: Fellowship Dinner -provided by "Shepherding Groups" - begins at 6 pm and everyone, including visitors, are invited to join. Bible classes begin at 7:00.



The Blacksburg Church of Christ