Blacksburg Church of christ bulletin october 14, 2018

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Sympathy to Danese Dye. Another brother, Garnett L. Graham, 88 has died in FL. McCoy Funeral Home.

Family of James Maples who passed away Tuesday.

Suzanne Gibbs - surgery Friday: crushed right wrist.

Frances Hutcheson, Wednesday visitor, health issues.

Family of Eric Deemar, Don Kendrick's co-worker

Dean Sutphin, church visitations; clinics for VCOM in Honduras, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua.

Tommy South and four others - Ukraine mission trip.

Ena Carol and Fred Selby are moving to northwest Nashville where daughter Julia will be having twins.

Sandie Leichner's brother, Steve Dreher, 60 in New Jersey began chemo infusions on Tuesday.

Harry & Linda Dorn's son, Doug; Linda's parents, CA

Carl Crowe's nephew, Jon Sterling - stroke in SC

Jonathan Hinckley's mother, Becky - seeking a cure

Leesa Miller's sister-in-law, Sylvia Roe, cancer

Jo Ann Poe, tumor; in Hospice care

Cyndi Buchanan, monthly injections for blindness

SGT. Kyle Burch, US Army, deployed to Middle East is now in the field.

Kyle Burch Military Care Package. We are collecting items for a care package for Kyle Burch who is stationed in the Middle East. Approved donations are listed on the bulletin board. Give them by October 21st to one of the Kendricks. If you donate money, shopping will be done for you.

New Family. Eric and Jennifer Dorminey and children McKenna, Harris, and Carson were introduced last Sunday. Their address will be available after the closing on their home.

Birthdays and Anniversaries. 30: Shelia Dorn; Zachary & Ling Mackey. October: 06: Randall Burch; 08: Hannah Sullivan; 09: Brian Pusey; 22:Kaye Gilliam, Rosalyn Muller; 25: Carole Tam; 26: Tyler Cole, Lee Roy Smith; 27: Nelson Etuk, Alison Seright; Sarah Renee Burch; 30: Lauren Frauenthal; Tawny & William Haithcock; 31: Mason Haithcock

Attendance 10/07: Classes - 71 Worship - 148 Singing and youth project - 3510/10: Classes - 125 2018 Baptisms 8

CONGREGATIONAL DIRECTORY UPDATED: Everyone is asked to proof the directory in the foyer and make the needed corrections and/or additions. Individuals and families not included are asked to list their information. This is very much appreciated and helps us to identify commonalities and keep in touch with each other.


Noon luncheon to honor the Selbys. Community Groups

Wednesday: Supper by Selby group

Thursday: 7 am, Men's prayer. 7 pm - sing at Kroontje

22: 7 - 8:30 pm, MPR - used by Toastmasters.

24: 6 pm - Supper by Worley group

25: 7 am - Men's prayer breakfast

27: 3 - 6 pm, MPR - Baby Cole Shower

28: Community Groups

29: Seniors to Appomattox, weather permitting


04: Daylight Savings Time ends

09-11: Campus Ministries Retreat including VT,

Maryland, Delaware, and East Carolina

16: Seniors to Wohlfahrt - Deadline 10/14, contact Bob

21: 7 pm - Thanksgiving devotional for all. Contact Chip

Worley to volunteer. No supper or classes.


07: Senior Christmas party and birthday bash

23: No Bible classes; 10:30 am assembly only.

26: No Bible classes; no dinner

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