Blacksburg Church of christ bulletin NOvember 11, 2018

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Sympathy to Chris Hylton in the passing of his step-father, Henry Stafford.

Doug Dorn - very slow improvment in Roanoke Memorial

Last Sunday Marcus Watkins, Carrie Guard, Lisa Leichner, and Kate Etuk publicly asked for the Church's prayers.

Makija, daughter of Marcus Watkins, physically recovered & receiving help.

Blanks' friends: Chad & Kim Elliott (28 weeks pregnant with a baby girl & has breast cancer), their son Elijah, & their sweet baby need prayer warriors.

Betty Gossett, sister of Mary Burch, extensive bone damage from previous cancer. Tests, chemo, radiation

Sandie Leichner's brother, Steve Dreher, 60 in New Jersey, is considering stopping chemo treatments.

Carl Crowe's nephew, Jon Sterling, declining in SC

Jonathan Hinckley's mother, Becky - seeking cure

Leesa Miller's sister-in-law, Sylvia Roe, cancer

Ben Poe's mother, Jo Ann Poe, tumor; under Hospice care

Cyndi Buchanan, monthly injections for blindness

Lincoln Williams - vision impairment in left eye

SGT. Kyle Burch, US Army, deployed to Middle East, is in the field.

Austin Kaylor is organizing a mission trip to Argentina - pray for the preparation of those who will go, as well as those who will hear them.

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Attendance 11/4: Classes -121 Worship - 172 Youth-led devotional - 41.
2018 Baptisms 8


TODAY: Veteran's Day. Community Groups

Monday: 7 - 8:30 pm, MPR - Toastmasters

Tuesday: 10:30 am - Seniors to Heritage Hall;

11:30 am - MPR, lunch and planning

Wednesday: 6 pm - Supper by Lavender group

Thursday: 7 am - Men's prayer breakfast.

Thursday: 7 pm - Sing Thanksgiving songs at Kroontje

Friday: 11 am - Seniors leave for Wohlfahrt Haus.

Friday: 6:15 pm - "Star" - the birth of Jesus from the

animals perspective. Kids movie night in auditorium.

Snacks provided. Questions: Catherine Zebrowski.

Friday: 7 pm, Bunco Night, home of Lisa Leichner

Next Sunday: Deadline: Put canned soup in the box

for Inter-Faith Food Pantry in the foyer.

21: 7 pm - Thanksgiving devotional - Contact Chip

Worley to participate in this annual event.

No supper or classes.

28: 6 pm - Supper by Worley group


07: MPR - Senior Christmas party and birthday bash.

08: 7 pm, MPR - Ladies Holiday Craft Night, Stephanie Wolfe• Schedule changes for December and January23: No Bible classes; 10:30 am assembly only.
26: No supper or classes.
30: Regular schedule
31: New Year's Eve event - Jonathan Hinckley


02: No supper or Wednesday classes.

 Pictured above are some of the seniors who traveled to Appomattox, last week. Please join the group for future activities!

Pictured above are some of the seniors who traveled to Appomattox, last week. Please join the group for future activities!

November Birthdays & Anniversaries:15: Chris Hylton; 17: Loy Burch; 18: Norah Haithcock; 20: Danese Dye; Tonia Stacy; Penny Thompson; 22: Leah Gillie; 25:Anita Poe; 26: Carl Crowe, Amy Morrow; 28: Chris Flinchum; 29: Kate Etuk; Sheryl & Ed Young; 30: William Haithcock; Curt Seright, Brianna Smith