Blacksburg Church of christ bulletin May 20, 2018

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•SYMPATHY to Tonia Stacey whose uncle (father's brother), Charles Berry Estes, died in Lewisburg, TN.•Justin Summer's grandmother passed away in MA.•June MacKenzie had cataract surgery on Thursday.•Doug Dorn was in the hospital with swollen legs for a few days.

•Becky Hinckley, Jonathan's mother, accumulation of fluid in her abdomen diagnosed as "chylous ascites"

•Bruce Curd, under Hospice Care @ Commonwealth.

•Rachel Smith's cousin, Stephen Flanary diagnosed with GN Disease; affects kidney function.

•Larry Johns, Sheryl Young's brother - medical testing.•The Dye's daugher-in-law, Jackie in AL, cancer.
•Ken Charles' sister, Donna, at Richfield in Salem•Larry Bryan, June MacKenzie's brother, has completed chemo treatments in TN.
•Diane Copeland, Loy Burch's niece, Stage 3 cancer.•Doris Baker's son Joey - awaiting results of liver tests.•Penny Thompson's husband, Tony, is struggling with depression due to being treated unfairly at work.

•Rejoicing in the Lord for the baptisms of Isaiah Higgs on Sunday and to Sam Wolfe on Wednesday.

•Aruba Campaigners: Deonte Watkins, Fred & Ena Carol Selby, Sarah Baldwin, Nicole & Katherine Zebrowski until the 31st.

May Birthdays and Anniversaries. 02: Gwendolyn Muller; 05: Chip Worley, Dingyi Zhang; 06: Hayden Haithcock, Fred Selby; Linda & Lee Roy Smith (48 yrs.);15: Tristian Widwig; 17: Noah Guard; 22-Doug Dorn, Shawn Askew; 26 - Suzanne Gibbs;
27: Bryan Jonas, Becca & Chad Burch (1 yr.); 29: Abby Hinckley, Colby Hinckley, Kyia Williams; Dani & Travis Higgs (14 yrs.)

Attendance 5/13: Classes: 89 Worship:140 Community Groups 4 of 6: 625/16: Classes - 120
2018 Baptisms: 4

Congratulations to David Gibbs who retired Friday from the Bio-Complexity Institute of Virginia Tech.

Thanks to Jonathan Hinckley for again coordinating the honoring of women on Mother's Day.

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We are rejoicing with the Angels in Heaven today, as we welcome our new brother Elijah Seright into our Christian family. 

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Summer Series: Rejoice in the Lord Always!Begins in 2 weeks

June 03 - Tom Gilliam June 10 - Mike Kaylor
June 17 - ?

June 24 - Mark Blanks July 22- Brian Muller August 05 - Dean Sutphin

Possible Topics: What Are The Biblical Definitions of Joy and Rejoice? What Are Biblical Reasons To Rejoice? How Can I Be Motivated To Always Rejoice? How Do I Rejoice in Right Relationships? How Can I Rejoice In Life's Reverses? What Does "In The Lord" Mean? Why Do I Have Trouble Rejoicing? How Can I Keep My Joy? What is Joyful Prayer? How Do Joy And Peace Relate? How Does Joy Lead To The Crown?


  • • TODAY: Community Groups.

    22: 7 am - Women's prayer breakfast at Chic-Fil-A 8 am - 5 pm, MPR - Life-Line Screening: discounts available. Pick-up a pink flyer.
    23: 6 pm - Supper by Worley group

    24: Seniors leave at 9:45 am for trip to Paint Bank. Order lunch from menu. Going? Tell Bob today. 28: Memorial Day
    30: Wednesday supper at 6 pm.


    2 - Seniors "Birthday Bash" Lunch @ Farm House; order from menu. Going? Tell Bob by 5/30.
    3 - 9:30 am - All adults assemble in the auditorium 6 - 7:15 pm - New Bible classes begin. Colossians in the auditorium.